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Santiago Sanders
Santiago Sanders

[S6E3] The Clock Free

After his first surgery, the patient has so far been treated by 35 health workers. He will need another surgery to remove the bullet that is lodged in his lower thoracic spine. There is a 50 % chance that he will be paralyzed if they leave it. He also has damaged kidneys and will need to be put on dialysis around the clock.

[S6E3] The Clock

Bailey asks Jodie about the mass, but Jodie wants somebody to cover the clock first because the number 5 bothers Tom. Tom then starts suspecting that there are cameras. Jodie tries to distract him by asking what kind of fruit they need from the store. She asks someone to give him a pen and a paper to make a list, as he needs something to distract him from the voices. Jodie then says she's been meaning to get the mass checked, but Tom's illness is full time job.

Outside the room, he wants to know how she's doing. She still has to take her meds, so he orders resident Steve to get them from her locker. Izzie doesn't want him to and stops Steve, but Alex threatens to hurt him if he doesn't do it, so Steve runs off. Izzie says he can't treat her like a sick person because her patients need to have faith in her. He rightens her wig and promises to stop hovering if she stops acting like an idiot. Her next pill is at 2 o'clock and she can't take it on an empty stomach. He kisses her and leaves.

Izzie is sweating heavily in the OR. Alex knocks on the scrub room glass because it's 2 o'clock. Derek tells her to go deal with it. Izzie tells Alex she hates him. He gives her the pills and offers her some water, followed by a banana. She thanks him. He kisses her and tells her to get back to work.

In an effort to stop the rise of Capt. Renard, Nick plots to take him out of his element. Adalind and Monroe work hard to keep the plan on track. Meanwhile, Eve and Rosalee race against the clock to get the spell ready before it is too late.

The most interesting of said obstacles is the apparent time hunter searching for Fitz because of the time-tampering going on. The general excitement that fuels the episode comes from a race against the clock for Daisy and Simmons to get to Fitz before this mysterious time-cop does. 041b061a72

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