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Santiago Sanders

Lyle Mcdonald The Protein Book Rapidshare

The Protein Book: A Complete Guide provides a comprehensive look at the topic of protein intake for athletes. This includes an examination of protein metabolism, quality, requirements, timing (including around workout nutrition) and many many others. I examine the pros and cons of whole food proteins and protein powders along with protein based dietary supplements The book finishes by showing athletes how to optimize their protein intake for different goals.

Lyle Mcdonald The Protein Book Rapidshare

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The first half of the book addresses basic protein metabolism and physiology. I provide some basic definitions and background first. Then I look at topics of protein digestion, absorption and metabolism. Researchers have debated protein requirements for athletes for decades and I address both sides of the debate. The final general physiology chapters address protein quality and amino acid requirements.

Finally I show athletes how to put all of this information together for specific athletic situations and goals. With over 200 pages of information and 500+ scientific references, the book leaves no question about dietary protein for athletes unanswered.

There is no other book on the market which will give you the answers you want to every possible question about protein, in simple-to-understand language and with an extensive list of the most recent and relevant studies pertaining to human nutrition. This book should be your chosen reference, and there is a good reason I keep it right on top of the stack of books next to my computer, when writing nutrition articles and setting up diets for advanced lifters and athletes in various sports.

Very in depth look at all things protein. Practical recommendations are provided, but this is a book for those who seriously want to go deep into the science behind those recommendations. If that is what you want, you will be very happy with this book.

This is THE book about protein. As an combat sports athlete/coach and casual gym bro knowing my stuff about protein was very important to me. Well, this book answered all questions and then some. Tons of practical info too!

I've also written about topics related to sports nutrition. My Protein Book is a complete work on the topic of protein nutrition for athletes. I also wrote a weird little drug booklet titled Bromocriptine that really dealt with bodyweight regulation. 350c69d7ab

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