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Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary Full Version

Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version

If you are looking for a comprehensive and authoritative source of Persian words, meanings, and etymologies, you might want to check out the Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version. This is the largest and most extensive lexical compilation of the Persian language ever published, comprising 200 volumes and over 500,000 entries. It is not only a dictionary, but also an encyclopedic work that covers various aspects of Persian culture, history, literature, and art.

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The Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version is the result of more than four decades of painstaking research and collaboration by Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda and a team of other experts. Dehkhoda was a prominent Iranian linguist, lexicographer, historian, and politician who devoted his life to the preservation and promotion of the Persian language. He started working on the dictionary in 1928 and continued until his death in 1959. After his demise, the project was carried on by his successors, such as Mohammad Moin, Ja'far Shahidi, and Mohammad Dabirsiyaghi.

The Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version is published by the Tehran University Press (UTP) under the supervision of the Dehkhoda Dictionary Institute. The institute was founded in 1945 by a bill proposed in the Iranian Parliament to allocate a special budget and staff to completing the project. The institute is located in Tehran and has a library of over 2300 volumes in lexicology and various other scientific fields. The institute also offers courses in Persian language learning for foreigners and organizes seminars and conferences on linguistic topics.

The Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version is available in both print and digital formats. The print edition consists of 200 hardcover volumes that can be ordered online or purchased from bookstores. The digital edition can be accessed through the official website of the Dehkhoda Dictionary Institute or downloaded as an app for iOS devices. The digital edition provides advanced search options and pronunciation features for users.

The Dehkhoda Persian-Persian Dictionary full version is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom for anyone interested in the Persian language and culture. It is a monumental achievement that reflects the richness and diversity of the Persian heritage. It is also a testament to the dedication and passion of Dehkhoda and his colleagues who devoted their lives to this noble cause.

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