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Jprofiler 7 License Key

To perform an unattended installation, execute the installer with the -q command line argument. To set licensing information in that case, pass -Vjprofiler.licenseKey=[license key] -Vjprofiler.licenseName=[user name] and optionally -Vjprofiler.licenseCompany=[company name] as command line arguments. If you have a floating license, please use FLOAT:[server name or IP address] instead of the license key. A console installer mode is also available if you pass the -c command line argument.

Jprofiler 7 License Key

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We are currently using JProfiler 8.0.4 in Prepare for Profiling" mode on our Cent OS machines together with Tomcat 6 and Java 7. We use JProfiler with a floating license. We extracted the JProfiler Linux Archive on the remote servers.

but if we add config and id like$jprofiler.path/bin/linux-x64/,nowait,id=$,config=$jprofiler.config.path the VM cannot start up because JProfiler asks for an license.

As of 8.0, the license key has to